Sign language interpreters say yes to merger

The Finnish Sign Language Interpreters’ Association, Suomen Viittomakielen Tulkit ry, has approved at its autumn general meeting a proposal to merge with Translation Industry Professionals (KAJ ry). The decision was taken unanimously.
“There was active discussion before this decision. Many interpreters will no doubt mourn the end of the existence of SVT, but we came to the conclusion that merging will allow us to develop our operations and give us a better position to advocate for members’ interests,” says Emilia Norppa, the chairperson of Suomen Viittomakielen Tulkit ry.
Hanna Boman, chairperson of Translation Industry Professionals is also happy with the decision. “This is good news. After the merger we would be an organisation of 2,800 professionals working in multilingual communications. This would bring us greater financial and operational possibilities, influence and rich networks.”
Currently, the merger is planned for the start of 2019. The new organisation would have a new name and look. The next step in the process is the autumn general meeting of Translation Industry Professionals on 22 November. If it, too, says yes to the merger, the preparations for it can begin straight away in early 2018.
Suomen Viittomakielen Tulkit ry, founded in 1982, is a professional body for sign language interpreters. Translation Industry Professionals (KAJ ry), founded in 1979, is a professional body for translators, interpreters and other multilingual communication experts. Both organisations are members of Akava Special Branches (Akavan Erityisalat).
For further information, please contact:
Emilia Norppa
Chairperson, Suomen Viittomakielen Tulkit ry
Hanna Boman
Chairperson, Translation Industry Professionals (Käännösalan asiantuntijat KAJ ry)